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Set-Up & Mounting 

Intro to the noddle

Equipment Set-Up

Connecting to Nurse Call

Attaching the J-Mic Sensor

Attaching the Vent-Mic Sensor

Attaching the J-Touch Sensor

Attaching the Bed-Touch Sensor

Sensor Operation

Using the J-Mic Sensor

Using the Vent-Mic Sensor

Using the J-Touch Sensor

Using the Bed-Touch Sensor 





Connecting to WiFi

Navigating Kiosk Mode

Create a New User

Row-Column Scanning

Navigating Medical Directives

Software Version Check

Software Updates

Using the noddle-chat tablet

Product Manuals


Find product manuals for the noddle system, as well as quick-start guides to start using the noddle quickly. 


Product Manuals

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